Who I am.

I am an award-winning, obsessively-driven, diversely-experienced creative director guided by a belief that good isn't. 
I am also an art director, writer, designer, doer, manager, leader, mentor, presenter and builder of creative departments in small, medium and large agencies and cities. I am a husband, father and cyclist. Lastly, I am full of energy and passion. But never full of myself.

What I believe.

I believe good can almost always be bettered. That’s why I am so against good ideas. I believe great ideas can come from any sized budget or account. Because that’s what creative problem solving can do. I believe less is more. Except when it comes to the amount of craft poured into an idea. I believe being a yes man will only get you so far. Eventually, people will expect more of an answer. I believe our beliefs make us who we are and how we act. And that actions are the most valuable piece of anyone’s portfolio. 

Why I care.

I care about awards because they acknowledge great work. I care more about my family, friends and 2 dogs beacuse they could care less about awards. But for those of us who do, here’s an overview: ADDY’s, Adweek, Adcritic.com, Advertising Age, Adsoftheworld.com, CLIO’s, Chicago Creative Club, Communications Arts, Creativity Magazine, Creativity Annual, Emmy, Graphis Advertising Annuals, Graphis Design & Poster Annuals, Milwaukee 99 Shows, Mom’s Fridge, NY Festivals, Print Design Annuals, Show South, US Ad Reviews, T.B.D.