Idea: Anyone with a conscience is appalled by the gun violence plaguing our cities and schools, but most don’t think they can personally do anything about it. Make them think again. The campaign did well in award shows, but infinitely more rewarding is the impact it had on a community as outlined in the video below.

Headline: A bullet doesn’t stop until it hits something. Copy: Anything. Gun violence can be random. The solution to it isn’t. Find out how you can make a difference.

Headline: Unlike some, you have the choice to be involved. Copy: The solution to gun violence isn’t to look the other way. Help make a difference.

Headline: Eventually, it rips through entire communities. Copy: A bullet has no conscience. So it takes all of us to exercise ours. Help stop gun violence.

Bullet headline: Honor past victims by preventing future ones. Hands headline: With your help we can take things in a better direction.